Welcome To Little Learners Hub

Welcome to Our School

We adopt a strong talent strategy knowing every child has the potential to excel and the vision of the organization forms the bedrock. We believe in a secure, safe and happy childhood which is important in its own right.We accentuate on good parenting and quality early learning which together provides the foundation for children to make the most of their abilities and talents as they grow up.We imbue children with moral values, health, and hygiene which paves the right platform for overall development of the child.

  • Each classroom is equipped with First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher.
  • Every quarter – Fire Drill will be conducted by teachers highly professional and trained in first aid certificate.
  • Children's safety and happiness is our PRIORITY.

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Reading is an important part of our curriculum and benefits of shared reading

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Art / Creative

Art, which is naturally linked to creativity, builds fine motor skills (viz) gripping a paintbrush.

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. It offers an open-ended, creative and valuable play and learning.

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Role Play

Role play is important as it stimulates the child's development

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Nature & Science

Nature play otherwise called the Out door Learning Environment (OLEs).

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Outdoor Play

Physical exercise promotes healthy growth, builds strong bones.

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Music & Moment

Children of all ages express themselves through music as it gives wings.