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Programs We Offer

Programs We Offer



We have collated a child centered curriculum keeping in mind the interest of an individual and the required environment for the child to learn and develop various skills for the age group of six months to six years.


  • Parents are full partners and play a key role in every aspect of the curriculum, helping to set goals and priorities.
  • Parents know their children best.
  • It helps the child to feel safe and secure while in the setting if they see that their parents feel comfortable there.
  • To create a shared level of expectation.
  • To share about new levels of development, any concerns and any new likes or dislikes.
  • To keep up to date with what is happening outside the setting, especially if the home situation may be causing problems for the child.
  • You can feel secure to seek advice, help and support should they need it.
  • To make transitions throughout the setting smooth.
  • Improve practice and outcomes for the children, ensuring every child has their full individual needs met.